TORUN Innovation Academy Started

The “Innovation Academy”, which we have developed to improve the innovative competencies of our field employees in our TORUN Brass factory with training and practices, and to increase the quality of the ideas and innovation projects in line with our strategies, started the first group of volunteers who passed the eliminations.

On our voluntary-based program, which will last for 4 months in total, our colleagues will complete their training with a 4-week project study, in addition to 12 weeks of classes, and will take on the task of “Innovation Ambassador” to spread the innovation culture within the organization.

Competencies that we foresee to be acquired at the end of the program are:
• To be able to see the needs and problems, to find opportunities to produce solutions with an innovative perspective,
• Being able to prioritize the needs of the stakeholders/processes at the center of the problem by establishing empathy in the solution process,
• Ability to work with interdisciplinary teams,
• Learning to develop creative thinking,
• Ability to communicate effectively while expressing their ideas,
• Being a role model for the people around them in the field of innovation,
• Being able to undertake the mission of innovation ambassadors to spread the innovation culture.

We congratulate our friends for their dedication and wish them success where they will transform their important competencies into value for all of us.