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Global Quality Standarts

We are committed to quality, reliability and the utmost customer satisfaction

certificates 1

ISO 9001

Demonstrating our commitment to maintaining quality management standards and processes, this certification is a mark of credibility, indicating customer satisfaction.

certificates 2

ISO 10002

High customer satisfaction by implementing standardized principles and procedures with an effective and efficient complaints management system.

certificates 3

ISO 14001

We manage our business operations with a high regard for our environmental responsibilities. We identify, prioritize, and manage environmental risks, as well as opportunities for improvement.

certificates 4

ISO 27001

We are dedicated to effectively managing and protecting the sensitive information of our stakeholders. We have robust information security measures, mitigating risks and ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

certificates 5

ISO 45001

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for our employees, customers and stakeholders. We have a proactive approach to managing risks and we strive for continual improvement in our health and safety performance.

certificates 6

ISO 50001

We systematically manage and improve our energy performance with our energy efficiency projects. We reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, lower energy costs, and enhance our environmental sustainability.

certificates 7

IATF 16949

With our quality management system, we deliver high-quality products, meeting automotive industry standards and ensuring customer satisfaction.

certificates 8

AD 2000 Certification

We established and apply quality assurance systems for materials we work with according to directive 2014/68/EU.

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Authorized Economic Operator

We are among the selected companies representing Turkey in worldwide supply chain.

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Zero Waste Certificate

With our waste management practices and recycling initiatives, we are committed to minimizing waste in our facility.