Tailor-made machining solutions with flexible and innovative technologies

Tailor Made
Machining Solutions

TORUN plays a pivotal role in remaining competitive and sustainable in the market by tailoring suitable machining process solutions to align with customer and market expectations.

This alignment is achieved by considering factors such as the part’s geometry and the scale of the production batch.

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Transfer Machining

Our standard and flexible transfer machines feature up to 14 stations and 20 tools. Capable of producing all standard and complex parts across varying production batches, these machines optimize manufacturing at every stage.

Our robotic automation systems add cost-effectiveness and efficiency to high-volume part production, while numerical control programming minimizes time and resource wastage during operations.

4 and 5 Axis CNC Maching

With CNC machining centers equipped with 4 and 5-axis capabilities and up to 100 tools, we excel at manufacturing low to mid-size production batches of complex parts.

These centers boast state-of-the-art software and cutting-edge tools for precision part production. Autonomous robotic automation systems enhance machine utilization, allowing operators to focus on multi-machine operation programming and downstream processes, translating into consistently high production rates.

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CNC Turning Lathes

CNC turning lathes with CY-axis capabilities bring an integral machining solution to parts with round profiles and complex forged geometries, catering to low and mid-size production batches. Owing to their versatility in performing turning, cutting, milling, drilling, and knurling, CNC lathe machines find applications across a wide range of industries.

Markets We Serve

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Heat Pumps
Heat Exchanger
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Water Treatment

Water Softeners
Flexible Hoses
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Fire & Security

Fire Extinguishers

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Fluid Handling

Piping systems
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Oil Pump Body
Power Train
Power Transmission
Battery Clamps
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Electronic Housing
Airtronic Heater
Battery Housing

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Household Appliances

Drum Support

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Industrial Applications

Air Guns

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