High Pressure Die Casting

Redefining Aluminium and Magnesium HPDC with sustainable practices and state-of-the-art machinery

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Redefining Aluminium
& Magnesium HPDC

At TORUN Metal, we take pride in our commitment to delivering high-quality, precision-engineered products to our clients. A crucial component of our success is our cutting-edge machine park, which empowers us to meet and exceed the most demanding manufacturing requirements. With a diverse range of machinery, we ensure that every project is executed with utmost efficiency and precision.

Casting Cells

  • FRECH K-Series Die Casting Machines from 640T to 1050T clamping force
  • StrikoWestofen Dosing Furnaces
  • MELTEC Magnesium Dosing Furnace
  • WOLLIN Die Lubrications
  • FANUC Handling Robots
  • TECNOPRES Trim Presses
  • ROBAMAT Tool Conditioners
  • FONDAREX Vacuum Devices

Value Added Processes

Tower Melting

  • 2x StrikoWestofen Tower Melting
  • 1000/2000 Melting / Holding (h) Capacity (1 unit)
  • 2000/4000 Melting / Holding (h) Capacity (1 unit)
  • FOSECO Degassing
  • MK Vacuum Density Control

Surface Treatment

  • OMSG Tunnel Type shot blasting machine
    • 50µm Stainless steel balls
  • KROMAS Round Vibratory Surface Finishing Machine
    • Plastic pyramid stones


  • CHIRON DZ18W Magnum
  • FANUC RoboDrill α D21LiB5
  • KARABAY Industrial Washing Station
  • Automated Drum Support Machining Island:
    • FANUC Handling Robots
    • RobSen Equalizer
    • OMT Drilling Machine
    • Drying Station
hpdc machinery
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Highest Quality in Every Part

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X-Ray & CT

  • YXLON Y.MU2000D-CT

Renowned, robust, reliable digital X-ray inspection system

Brilliant image quality with high contrast for spot-check samples and series inspection

Smart ergonomics for easy operation

Tailor-made configuration for wheels and tires

Compliance with ASTM standards and specific car manufacturers’ inspection requirements.


  • Spektromax Spectrometer
  • Affri Hardness Measurement
  • Nikon Microscopes for macro and micro structure analysis
  • Optacom Contour & Surface Roughness Device
  • Profile Projection
  • Cutting
  • Polishing and Bakelite


  • 2x ZEISS CONTURA CMMs with CALYPSO Software

ZEISS CONTURA stands for absolute versatility and flexibility. The new generation is equipped with the ZEISS multi application sensor system (mass) technology, which makes it possible to exchange different sensor technologies quickly and easily.

With ZEISS CONTURA, we are already prepared today for the measurement tasks of tomorrow, as we can easily adapt to changing customer requirements.

Markets We Serve

markets automotive


Oil Pump Body
Power Train
Power Transmission
Battery Clamps
markets emobility


Electronic Housing
Airtronic Heater
Battery Housing

markets household

Household Appliances

Drum Support

markets industrial

Industrial Applications

Air Guns

Strategic Partnerships

Choosing the right equipment is one of the key essentials to deliver the right quality. Therefore, we have long term strategic partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers to provide our customers with the best end products.


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