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integrated toolshop

Tool & Die Shop

Equipments For Streamlined Production

At TORUN, we take pride in our commitment to delivering high- quality products efficiently. That’s why we produce al of our cutting tools and forging dies in-house. By doing so, we’re able to streamline the production process and reduce lead times, resulting in a faster and leaner manufacturing process.

Surface Plating

Perfect Finish For Your Part

Surface plating is a critical aspect of our manufacturing process, and we take pride in being able to provide this service within our facility. By having the ability to perform surface plating in house, we are able to maintain complete control over the quality and precision of our finished products

Plating Technologies
• Bright Nickel plating in barrel for bulk parts
• Bright Nickel plating on Rack for sensible parts
• Bright Nickel / Chrome plating on Rack for polished parts

integrated plating
integrated rd

R&D Center

New Product Development

Our experienced R&D team, which has already completed 24 projects, with well-equipped laboratories and advanced engineering software is ready to become your solution partner for transforming your valuable ideas into products.

Process Optimization

Our R&D Center offers optimizing manufacturing processes to improve the productivity of operations and machines, producing high quality products, and reducing the cost by utilizing advanced scientific optimization methods and tools. 

Research Project Partnerships

We are closely collaborating with international research communities including universities, research institutes and our customers to conduct research projects such as bilateral, Horizon2020 and to write scientific papers.

Design Center

Product Design & Development

TORUN has many years of experience in product development and improvement and we fully support our customers to develop parts that meet optimum product functionality.

Design Improvement

We work simultaneously with our customers to create a design that cuts costs and optimized for best quality for the optimum price. 

Equipment Design

Our Design Center team is making the design for all the necessary molds, apparatus, tools and equipment for TORUN’s manufacturing processes.

integrated design
integrated innovation

Innovation Center


We support corporate entrepreneurship and support any employee’s project from ideation to prototyping, not only in areas related to metal. 

Open Innovation

As TORUN, we believe in collaboration with our customers, suppliers and academy to innovate, differentiate and create new models that will benefit all contributors. 

Workshops & Ateliers

We share our cases with our partners and try to find the best possible solution. We use challenges, hackathons, start-ups and TORUN Academy to find the best talent and create value for our customers.