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Brass & Aluminium

Hot Forging

Our sophisticated hot forging process harnesses the power of extreme heat and pressure to create robust parts. Our production accommodates a wide range of specifications from miniature 11-gram pieces to substantial 30-kilogram parts.

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home tech hpdc

Aluminium & Magnesium

High Pressure Die Casting

Redefine your expectations of aluminium and magnesium high-pressure die casting. Our sustainable practices and state-of-the-art machinery set new industry standards.

Brass, Aluminium & Magnesium

Machining Solutions

No detail is too small for our versatile machining solutions. Whether your parts are cast or forged, we provide the perfect finishing touch exactly to your specifications.

home tech machining
home tech turning

Brass & Stainless Steel

Bar Turning

Our bar turning machines couple highly efficient production methods with complex design capabilities. Thus, we manufacture precise shapes with remarkable accuracy, whether in brass or stainless steel.

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