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Precise shapes with remarkable accuracy

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Precise Shapes With Remarkable Accuracy

Bar turning is an incredibly efficient and cost-effective approach for manufacturing components, whether they have simple or complex geometries.This method enables us to achieve precise shapes with remarkable accuracy.

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Mechanical Multi-Spindle Lathes

Mechanical multi-spindle lathes are perfectly tailored for supplying large-volume series of turned parts within a diameter range of 10 mm to 45 mm. The productivity of a multi-spindle lathes, which can vary based on the number of spindles and the specific application, typically exceeds that of a single-spindle automatic lathe by approximately 5-7 times.

From 10 to 45 mm diameter

CNC Swiss-Type Automatic Lathes

CNC Swiss-type automatic lathe with sliding or fixed headstocks, are well-suited for the production of complex parts with diameters of up to 40 mm. They provide exceptional precision and a high degree of flexibility in manufacturing.
home tech turning
home tech turning

CNC Single-Spindle Lathes

CNC single-spindle lathe machines with fixed headstocks, are well-suited for the production of low to mid-size quantities of parts with diameters of up to 42 mm.

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