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Envision a work environment where your role does not confine you. At TORUN, you’re an integral part of a prosperous entity that cherishes its employees. Our commitment to workplace safety and fostering an atmosphere that enables success is underlined by reward and appreciation. At TORUN, we don’t just offer jobs, we shape careers!

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How The Process Works

The Recruitment Process

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Appy Online

Kickstart your journey with TORUN by submitting an online application. Remember, an accurately filled application is a stepping stone to an exciting career at TORUN Metal.


Preliminary Assessment

Post-application, your application enters a comprehensive preliminary review phase managed by our seasoned recruitment team. This assessment scrutinizes your eligibility, relevance to the role, and alignment with TORUN’s values and objectives.



Online HR Interview

Shortlisted candidates are invited to an online HR discussion. This interactive session gives us a deeper understanding of your professional journey, strengths, and aspirations; while, concurrently, offers you an insider’s view of TORUN’s work culture, policies and expectations.


Management Interview

In this interview, be prepared to delve deeper into your professional competencies, leadership qualities, problem-solving skills, and your potential to enhance TORUN’s innovative drive. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your industry acumen, and your alignment with our values and strategic vision.


Showcase Your Skills

In this stage, you can demonstrate your practical abilities relevant to the job role. It’s not merely a test but a platform to flaunt your talents, allowing us a glimpse into your problem-solving skills, technical proficiency, and on-the-spot innovation.


Offer & Onboarding

Our journey together doesn’t stop at the offer letter. As an esteemed addition to our team, you’ll undergo a comprehensive onboarding process. This ensures a smooth transition into your new role and our culture. Welcome to TORUN!

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At TORUN, managers who have full faith and encouragement that they can perform the tasks they receive and teammates who do not leave you unanswered in every question you ask and where you can get help in any matter are waiting for you. The first workplace is important for every young engineer friend, but the most important thing is to find a chance to start working in a place that can give you confidence and guide you in your studies, and I can say that they can find it at TORUN Metal.

Dilara Türkdoğan

Innovation Management Specialist

If someone had asked me five years ago when I was still living in Ukraine, if I would ever build a career in the Czech Republic, I would have honestly replied that it was very unlikely. I was looking for a career that would allow me to do what I enjoy, at a company that I respect. I am the proof that TORUN provides the opportunity to advance in a career, gain valuable experience and help people to fulfill their dreams.

Roman Solomko

Setup Operator - Czechia Plant

employee roman

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