At TORUN you are more than your job title. You are part of a successful company that invests in people living longer, healthier and better lives. We also offer a positive, rewarding environment that makes TORUN a great place to work.

If you are interested in continuous growth opportunity in a challenging and fast-paced environment, apply to our open positions. TORUN may have the job for you.


As TORUN Human Resources, our goal is to develop and execute human resources strategies that are sustainable and consistent with the TORUN company culture and values. While doing that, we offer a unique work environment for talented professionals where they will enjoy every part of life at TORUN.


We have a passion for life-time learning blended with education technologies powered by reputable universities and academies. Torun Academy is an award-winning academic institution that excels at providing accredited development programs in various categories with a blend of academic and professional staff.

Torun Children’s Academy provides programs for the children to equip them with the competencies of the 21st Century.  

As a part of Torun Group’s vision, we put a special emphasis on development, not only for our employees but also for their families, their children. We believe a better future can only be built up with younger generations and accordingly we conduct various projects and training sessions for our employee’s children to provide them with opportunities to develop their skills.

If someone had asked me five years ago when I was still living in Ukraine if I would ever build a career in the Czech Republic, I would have honestly replied that it was very unlikely. I was looking for a career that would allow me to do what I enjoy, at a company that I respect. I am the proof that TORUN provides the opportunity to advance in a career, gain valuable experience and help people to fulfill their dreams.

Roman SOLOMKO Setup Operator, TORUN&Schmidt

TORUN Brass is an endless library. A workplace open to teaching, learning, new technologies and ideas. Employees’ sincerity, loyalty and brotherhood are at the forefront. Since TORUN Brass was founded, success has always been achieved by working hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder. The best example of this is the high density of its employees for many years. I think that TORUN will expect a long-term career by constantly improving himself by adhering to his vision and mission.

Lale Şahin DEMİR Lean Manufacturing Engineer, TORUN Brass

Family warmth, technical training and continuous improvement opportunities await successful candidates at TORUN. They can have a career in which they will have the opportunity to constantly gain experience on a new subject, reinforce their knowledge and develop their innovative thinking skills by questioning on behalf of engineering.

Barış VARDAR Lean Manufacturing Engineer, TORUN Brass