Our New Venture: TORUN Surface Treatment

Since the first day we started our journey, we have been working with a passion for quality service for our partners all over the world. For this reason, we are constantly developing our business solutions and investing in new areas to provide more comprehensive services to our global partners.

At TORUN, we continue to produce our business solutions in every field we operate in, and we are pleased to share our new venture, TORUN Surface Treatment, with you.

In our TORUN Surface Treatment plant, where we started service with a team of experts in their field, we continue our customer satisfaction-oriented work.

Special Coating Solutions

In our rack plating line, we work with 83 tanks and 5 robots for nickel chrome plating on brass, and we do plating for corrosion resistance and decorative purposes. We offer Bright Nickel/Cr+6 plating as standard and we can also provide Satin Nickel/Cr+6 plating upon request. With our annual coating capacity of 135,000 m2, we complete our customers’ projects and optimize our processes thanks to the full PLC automation controlled line.

Fast and Efficient Production

With our drum line, we nickel-plated brass with 26 positions and 3 robots. This plating, which is ideal for corrosion resistance, is performed with Bright Nickel. With our annual plating capacity of 1,800 tons, we produce timely solutions to our customers’ needs and offer quality and efficiency together with a full PLC automation-controlled line.

Large Capacity Vibration Line

With our vibration line, we have a large capacity, including deburring, polishing, and hot drying. We perform various processes simultaneously with an 800-liter deburring vessel, an 800-liter porcelain polishing vessel, and a 550-liter deburring and polishing vessel. With an annual production capacity of 750 tons, we are our customers’ solution partners.

Special Processing Techniques

Our deburring boiler removes unwanted hairline burrs and print marks, while our polishing boiler provides a glossy surface for visually improved results.

Flexible and Efficient Pickling Line

We work with 7 tanks and 1 robot in our manually operated pickling line. With a production capacity of 350 tons per year, we transform the color of brass parts through pickling.

As TORUN Surface Treatment, we continue our mission to provide quality service to our customers. We continue our satisfaction-oriented service approach with our expert team and state-of-the-art equipment.