Torun Policies



We believe that a management system that has an innovative approach and is based on continuous improvement activities, cost and lean management philosophy and also fed from Industry 4.0 and flexible manufacturing principles are crucial for sustainable success.

For that reason, we as Torun Group commit;

  • To be a customer-oriented team,
  • To provide fast and effective solutions to each customer demands by focusing on customer expectations and feedbacks,
  • To bring state of art environment-friendly technologies into life which would add value to our employees and customers,
  • To provide solutions for our shareholders to bring minimum risk and max value and meet expectations of creating future value for our shareholders by considering management our all cost items and understanding of productivity or efficiency,
  • To follow and implement national and international laws and legislation,
  • To establish a democratic sphere and opportunities for our employees according to their expectations to develop their talents or their own self-actualization,
  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent injury and health deterioration related to the working environment,
  • To take the necessary measures with the participation of our Employee and Employee representatives in order to eliminate the hazards and reduce the OHS Risks,
  • To provide solutions to our suppliers by fulfilling their expectations in terms of on-time delivery and payment in the sake of sustaining our corporate image,
  • To work for minimizing or if possible eliminating negative environmental effects by being environmentally sensitive,
  • To reduce continuously energy consumption,
  • To observe energy efficiency in purchased products and services, new investments and designs, production and all our processes,
  • To protect privacy, integrity and accessibility of data safety belonging to our shareholders, and take measures in order to sustain continuity of those data and information and provide necessary resources to meet expectations of the information management system and manage all activities in compliance with this policy,
  • To improve the effectiveness and performance of our integrated management system continuously, also adopt risk management as integrated management system policy and finally we promise that we will execute our all activities according to mentioned principles.