As a company that is committed to the UN National Compact and to global ethics, Torun Group reflects its responsibility for human and the environment in every project carried out. At every step we take, we work for a sustainable world that is surrounded by sustainable quality.

We spread our sustainable approach to our social, environmental and economic strategies in order to shape a better world.


For a successful corporate governance, a happily-done teamwork is a must. And a happy team can be possible through the awareness of mutual responsibilities. As Torun, we care about our employees and put a significant emphasis on their development and happiness. We believe that a better world can be shaped by happy people. So we take our steps thinking not only of our employees but also of each and every individual on this planet. Without discriminating any gender, language, nationality, we have respect for every living thing. 

Investing in our employees starts with treating them fairly and being beneficial to them. Together with the training sessions of Torun Academy, we support them to develop new skills for a rapidly changing world.

At Torun Group, we also develop projects for our employees’ families, especially for their children. In order to contribute to a bright future, we organize training sessions for our employees’ children to help them turn their dreams into reality.

As we know our responsibility to our environment, we carry on our operations through environmentally-friendly processes. We are working even more to keep our social momentum sustainable.


Since the beginning, all Torun Group companies attach importance to all subjects regarding the environment. Our ever-growing and ever-developing facilities may cause our prints on the Earth to increase. With the awareness of our responsibilities, we carry out several projects for a sustainable world.

As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, we remember our commitment to the principles of the compact in every operation we carry out. As specified in the UN Global Compact, we do our best to eliminate unsustainable patterns of production and consumption and promote environmentally-friendly policies for the integrity of the Earth’s ecosystem.

In line with UN Global Compact, we carry out projects in order to minimize the use of chemicals and other dangerous substances, and to ensure that they are stored safely. As Torun Group companies, we are well aware of the value of the raw materials used as resources. Recycling and resource management are our primary goals.

As a result of our commitment to a sustainable world, we support the use of environment-friendly raw materials and technologies together with our know-how and advanced technologies. We inspire our partners to use lead-free and low lead products with the contribution of qualified suppliers, compatible machine park and our long-standing experience. Always working for products that do not harm the environment, we offer 400 lead-free and low lead products for more environment-friendly processes; since caring is a part of us.


While determining our sustainable strategy, our objective is to add value to the future success of all our stakeholders. We believe that the future success of our companies, communities and country is supported by the development of our stakeholders.

We are committed to establishing transparent and effective relationships with our stakeholders in order to create long-term value. To fulfill this commitment, we consider 5 elements while determining our sustainable strategy:

•  Investment Strategies
•  Product Safety and Customer Satisfaction
•  Supply Chain Strategy
•  Innovation
•  Sustainable Projects